25 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games part 4

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Life ain’t easy in the wild west, partner. Not when you're on the run, find yourself in an open world and face countless enemies in this third-person shooter. With eight horses to collect and 19 weapons to add to your inventory of doom, plus other hunting gear which will aid your chances of survival, it should keep you occupied for a while.
Download Six-Guns here

Spider-Man Unlimited

Admittedly, Spider-Man Unlimited is very similar in design and approach to Gameloft's other licensed behind-the-back runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush. But that's a great game itself (and on this list). Plus, Spidey's version adds a bit of comic flavour and beat-'em-up action to the mix. You'll run, jump, punch, and even swing through the air as the webhead, and it's a lot more enjoyable than most comic book games.
Download Spider-Man Unlimited here


SongArc spins those funky beats on your Windows Phone, turning you into a music machine. Give those fingers a workout, tap those notes and build up the combo for bragging rights. Disclaimer: neither the developers nor us are responsible for your ensuing SongArc addiction.
Download SongArc here

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

We hear the Emperor isn’t too pleased with the Death Star’s progress. Whip those Bitizens and start building the ultimate retail tower in the universe. While you’re at it, send those Rebel scum into Imperial levels and make them pay for their crimes against the Galactic Empire.
Download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star here

Temple Run 2

Run. Run as fast as your scrawny little legs can. Because if you don’t, you’ll be monkey food. This endless runner truly tests your reaction as you swipe to jump across deadly chasms, dive under fiery traps and dodge left or right on those harrowing cliffs of death.
Download Temple Run 2 here