25 unbelievably good free Windows Phone games part 3

Posted by Suhaivi Hamdan on 7:05 PM with No comments

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Admit it, you’ve spent countless hours at work, stacking these virtual poker cards and making them dance once you’ve completed the stack. The only downside when you're playing on a Windows Phone: looking like a douchebag when you pay more attention to your phone than your colleagues.
Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection here

Minion Rush

Bananas. Lots of bananas. And unicorns. There’s definitely unicorns in this endless runner featuring the adorable minions from Despicable Me. Did we mention you’ll get to use that awesome freeze ray and strap the minions on to a rocket? Please don’t report us to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Minions.
Download Minion Rush here

Heroes of Order & Chaos

We may never see smash multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as League Of Legends and Dota 2 on mobile devices, but Heroes Of Order & Chaos does a rather impressive job of mimicking their core appeal. You'll choose a fantasy hero and set out with online allies in small teams to destroy the opposing squad's structures and rule the match. It's tuned for quick sessions, and surprising giving for a free game.
Download Heroes Of Order & Chaos here


A simple premise, simple controls, and simple aesthetic combine appealingly in Pako, a game about evading police cruisers in a parking lot and a suburban town. You'll simply steer left and right to keep your car from crashing into the cops, other cars, or buildings, and hitting anything at all ends your attempt – so the goal is to stay on the lam for as long as possible. And that proves both very tense and very entertaining.
Download Pako here


Quench your thirst for blood and slash your way through this cartoonish action role-playing game. Quests? It has plenty. Loot? Lots of it to hoard. Is it free? Well, yes, if you don’t intend to pay and unlock the level 10 limit on your character.
Download Reaper here